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Default Re: Help with FX5200 big problem!

Originally Posted by pro003 View Post
Hi, am new here and I've done a lot of searching on internet before posting this thread. As you can see I didnot found the solution. The problem is simple, but persistent. I have an old PC with Shuttle AV18 mobo, 256mb of SDRAM, 30GB HDD and PSU of 300W and of course FX5200. I have done everything but computer keeps freezing right after driver for FX5200 is installed. So, it works fine without driver and in safe mode if with driver, but in normal mode with the driver - impossible! Freezes in few secs after startup. I've tried reinstalling windows xp, I even tried win2k, but the problem persist. I even tried different drivers from the newest one to some very old but again - nothing.
Is it possible that when the driver is installed that this video card is consuming more power so my 300W PSU is not enough, or what.

Please help me out with this.

Question, do you have any problems booting up before you install the drivers, i.e. any problems with Windows installed stuff? It sounds like it does. When did the problem start? Was it a new problem with the same hardware but a new installation or is it a change of hardware?
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