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Default Re: xorg custom modeline validation

Dear AaronP,

Thank you very much for the answer, I run startx at verbose mode and it appears that the values HorizSync VertRefresh in my xorg.conf file does not match the ones in the edid file. And despite my ignoreEDID flag, it reads in my edid file and runs mode validation against it.

I don't know why it still reads the edid file or performs mode validation even though I indicated NO to both in my xorg.conf file.

I decided to create my custom edid file, but I could not find any tool running on linux, besides the tutorial that I found on the internet which suggests manipulating certain bytes in the hex file seems to be outdated. Is there a tool that you know for creating custom edid file?

Do you think that nvidia not accepting my flags is a bug and I should report it as a bug?

Thanks in adavance.
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