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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

I'm running the subversion port (3.1.0)

With or without the settings I have, Vbox behavior is the same. The new thing I found out is that:

I enabled Xrender composite in KDE. I tried out every opengl screensaver there is and left each of them running for a while. No freeze at all!.

Then I started a VM (with 3D disabled !), left the VM open and gave another run on the screen savers. On the 5th Saver, the machine froze to reset button point.

Right now I have a VM open, WITH OpenGL composite enabled on KDE and all is well, as long as I keep 3D disabled on the VM. Even thus, there may be a coincidence of events between VBox and OpenGL that, the whole system might freeze for a reason I cant detect because the freeze doesn't let anything be logged.
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