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Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
IF you have the ability to wait a few months I would do so to see what Nvidia is coming out with. If you must buy now, you should determine what features are important to you and go off of that. Either card will do you well. I admit DX11 sounds nice. Is this strictly for gaming? Will you do 3d gaming (with 3d glasses)? Both cards can do so but you use different solutions (Nvidia uses shutter glasses and a special monitor, AMD uses the IZ3d solution with polarized glasses).

You can expect some nice price drops (I assume across the board) in the next few months as well.

Do you have plenty of places to buy where you live or do you have to order online?
Only one place to buy, a wholesaler. My brother will buy on someone else's account. Resellers put at least 10% to their prices. The price difference is about $50.

Price drops may happen in America when new models come out but here in South Africa it happens much slower.
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