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Default Re: Please make >71.86.07 compatible with xorg-server 1.5.x

Originally Posted by ZettaGeek View Post
Do you know someone who might be able to assist me in the matter?
Dear Zettageek,

Developers of Nvidia wan't be of any help. I had been asking the same question again and again. I gifted my PC to other and got an Intel PC. Anyway, downgrading xorg is a very uphill task. I would better advice you to use Opensuse 11. Nvidia 71.86 will work here. (I don't remember but i had to make some changes in xorg). Later you can upgrade to almost all latest software like kde 4.3 using Yast. It similarly applies to Ubuntu 8.04 hardy LTS, but upgrading to latest software is bit limited. This is at best what you could do. Till then wait for full 3D support in nouveau.

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