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I tried that. After I uninstall the drivers in control panel, I get the dialogue "press any key to reboot." >Immediately< after reboot XP automatically reinstalls the 29.42 gateway drivers before I can install the standard VGA driver, even if I reboot in safe mode. I've also tried removing the drivers and registry settings in safe mode.

I tried wiping out all references after uninstallation but before reboot including a copy of the nvdisp.inf file in WINDOWS\INF which is called oem3.inf then rebooted. It still installed the 29.42 immediately after reboot.

I've tried to install the Standard VGA driver over the Gateway driver (I don't have a Gateway BTW) but it shows no such driver available.

This is friggin baffling.

Any reinstall of a later driver causes lockups in games and benchmarks.
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