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Default Re: Post pics of your home theater audio setups!

Ya'll are right- boxes are Curtis Mathes... speakers are entirely custom. Built by none-other than yours-truly.

The look is truly astonishing (I love the wood-grain look), and the sound is incredible across the entire frequency range.

I've yet to hear a pair of top-dollar speakers that can rival these... and they only cost me a fraction of the cost.

Do-it-yer'self FTW!

To give ya'll an idea of what I'm planning for my future audio setup... I'm looking at this receiver. It's only 110w so due to it's cost that'll be what I use initially.

But, I eventually want to get one of these for each individual channel and just go off of the pre-amp outs on that receiver.

I really want to keep those Curtis-Mathes towers due to all the time and money I've invested into them, not to mention sentimental value (long story ). But I've also wanted to completely custom-build all my speakers, boxes included, so I might do that.

Anyhow, I'll bu looking at 300watts driven into each channel. No dedicated sub as each speaker will have a built-in sub-woofer, and each channel will output low-frequencies.

However, if I did go with a sub I'd probably settle for another one of those PYLE amps and just bridge it into a single large 15" or 18" sub- of course with a custom enclusure built by me.

However, this is a long ways off but it's what I'm planning. I do hope to get started on it some time next year though. Ya'll got any feedback on this?
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