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Default Re: Should Nvidia add Eyefinity to their Fermi boards?

Originally Posted by gstanford View Post
What do you think performs the SLI Mosaic function if not the graphics cards inside the Quadroplex box? An Irish leprechaun?

Mind you I wouldn't expect any less than the replies MustangSVT (with a 4890 in his primary machine) has given. Da Nile isn't just a river in Egypt....

Not to mention the Quadroplex probably costs less than three price gouged ATi cards plus 6 display port monitors (notice the nvidia solution uses DVI). You can connect two extra monitors too.

Trust nvidia to do a job properly and ATi to half-arse it.
Originally Posted by gstanford View Post
ATi does almost exactly the same thing, except they don't own up to it. Ever heard of "High Road"? Places like Anandtech & B3D are full of their viral marketers and posters.

When has nVidia *ever* marketed multi-monitor gaming? And SLi? 3DFx was first. nVidia did *not* invent SLi... they simply improved upon it. You could say nVidia copied 3DFx with SLi. That would be an accurate statement.

Secondly, when has nVidia recenty held the price/performance crown? They've gone a whole generation now having the most power-hungry card. If it weren't for their shrink to 55nm there would not have been a GTX295.

ATi did it again with the price/performance ratio on their 5800 series. Yet with what we have to go off of the GTX300 series will be another power-hungry monster.

What do both you and DB have to say to my prior post... here, I'll quote it for you:

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
DB... I have no doubt that what nVidia has up their sleeve will be *very* impressive. nVidia's king and ruler is very competitive I'm certain they have not been sitting by idly.

However, they have been absent in the market for a *very* long time.

Their GPU is considerably larger than ATi's, it's yeilds are considerably lower, it consumes more power and thusly produces more heat (all this going off of what is currently available).

If the "rumored" specs are inaccurate then that leaves the door wide open for possibilities. But if there's truth to these specs, then nVidia's card could offer the cure to cancer- but if it can't be priced competitively against what AMD has to offer it wont sell in competitive quantities.

Even if a GTX380 is 50% faster than a 5870- that's roughly the performance of a single 5970. ATi still has their refresh to put out which could easily compete with those performance levels via a lower price.

You cannot look at the raw performance of the card and negate it's price. Not everybody is as wealthy or has as easy access to this hardware as you do. If the GTX380 is 50% faster than the 5870, and the 5890 is only 25% behind the GTX380 in cost while being $100+ less expensive- people will opt for the 5970.

Furthermore, even if nVidia sold these chips $1 above costs... by the time ATi has their next generation out later this year nVidia just might have cought up to what they lost.

Furthermore, how can you be so confident in nVidia's offering... do you have access to what AMD is offering next? Are you under NDA for both nVidia and AMD? I mean, in order for you to be so confident you'd *have* to know what each company has planned for the coming months.

I mean, other wise, if you're merely operating off of assumption then wouldn't you find that to be a bit of a gamble and rather ignorant? I mean, the 5870 is substantially faster than the 4870. The 4890 was a considerable improvement over the 4870 considering what it was (a refresh)- what's to say AMD can't do one even better with the 5890?

There's far too many variables IMO. If all you know of is what nVidia has in store without knowing what AMD has in store, it seems to me you're pre-maturely jumping to conclusions.
Any comments?
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