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Default Re: Which NVIDIA Graphics Cards can display 2048x2048 ?

Originally Posted by amiga_linux View Post
Horizontal Line Frequency : 126.84 kHz
Pixel clock : 357.181 MHz
Active pixels : 2048 pixels
Hor. Blanking : 768 pixels
Refresh rate : 60 Hz
Vertical active lines : 2048
Vertical blanking lines : 66 lines
Vertical sync width : minimum 3 lines

Sorry for the late reply - I was on travel.

A modeline for the timing values above might look like this:

ModeLine "2048x2048" 357.18 2048 2240 2432 2816 2048 2051 2054 2114
Pixel Clock 357.18 MHz
Horizontal Active Pixels: 2048
Horizontal Sync Start: 2240
Horizontal Sync End: 2432
Horizontal Total 2816
Vertical Active Pixels: 2048
Vertical Sync Start: 2051
Vertical Sync End: 2054
Vertical Total: 2114

Back Porch = Total - Sync End
Sync Width = Sync End - Sync Start
Front Porch = Sync Start - Active Pixels
Blanking Time = Total - Active

Again, 25% Sync Delay (= Back Porch) and 25% Sync Width of the blanking time

However, in the modeline above, the pixel clock is beyond what a
DVI output can do (330 MHz). VGA can basically do up to 400 MHz,
but I don't know if this also applies to the analog VGA signals that
come out of the DVI socket.

Instead, you may like to try the following modeline:
ModeLine "2048x2048" 328.77 2048 2176 2304 2592 2048 2051 2055 2114
BTW.: I guess you need to define some metamodes for your combination of
displays (however I'm not very familiar with metamodes). Can you please try
out with the Barco display alone? i.e. remote login from a laptop and then
starting the X-Server? It would also be very helpful if you could post an
nvidia-bug-report.log in order to check what the X-Server actually did.

best regards

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