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Default Re: TriFire 5970+5850 broke 100 Avg,60 Min

Originally Posted by gerardfraser View Post
TriFire HD5970+5850
Crysis Warhead 1920x1200 Enthusiast Avalanche 0AA
Still room to OC for higher FPS.


EDIT:1920x1200 all AA that can be done by ATI card with Crysis.
Sorry my english

I think, this is the bug of Crysis Warhead Benchmark Tool.

You should enter the Game Crysis Warhead, setting All Enthusiast DX10 and 1920x1200 AA 8x, and then escape the Game Crysis Warhead.

Now you benchmark again with Crysis Warhead Benchmark Tool.

Wait for your new Crysis Warhead results.
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