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Default Re: Should Nvidia add Eyefinity to their Fermi boards?

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
OK, my bad. Go read my posts, then yours, and tell me what you would think. I mentioned being under NDA and said the new FERMI will have some cool features. That is exactly what you posted. if you did not mean me then I apologize. Trust me, I have been dealing with stupid arse anti-Nvidia fan bois all over (I hate people in this GPU debate who take all one side or another - that is just disingenuous - both companies have been trading being in the lead for years and years).

I don't know if all that appears to be their marketing is really all THEIR marketing. You are probably right that bonehead fan boys are saying all kinds of shiat with absolutely nothing to back it up. I can tell you Nvidia is not dishing out pre-release hardware (do not know if AIBs are or not) so if you see numbers here and there take it with a grain of salt. I will get cards as soon as they are out of the gate so I can do some testing for you guys (including taking apart to install water-blocks).

Now if you think AMD does not do viral marketing . . .go look up Cherry X. They asked me to do that for them.
I did read my post, and yours, I wouldn't reply if I hadn't. I never said anything that was meant to target you, I just went off on a tangent on other people nvidia "support" that are FUD spreading fanboys. Sorry if that wasn't clear. My only "attack" on you was when you had a sook and said you would leave because people were'nt being nice, only to continue and go on about coming back to tell everyone "I told you so". I'm sorry but that's pretty childish.

Re: Cherry X, I'm not talking about computer builds, i wouldn't call your builds for NV or ATI viral marketing.

I already knew you weren't an NV fanboy, you just build for who contracts you, and you are happy, like anyone else here would be to view unrealsed products from either camp if given the opportunity.

I'm the same, started with 3DFX, went Nvidia for a couple of gens, then ATI, then NV for a couple more gens, now ATI again. NV have just had a few tactics recently and in the FX era that made me shy away from them. Still, if they clearly have the better product I'll still buy it regardless.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
really wrong person to pick that type of fight with, DB builds all kings of rings, works with all companies.
First, my intention wasn't to start a fight, I apologise to DB if it seemed that way to him.

Secondly, I never implied that he was a fanboy, so his unbiased nature is moot.
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