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Default Geforce ti 4400 glx 96 missing color channel via DVI

I have ubuntu 9.10 running with glx 96 driver installed for my geforce ti 4400. Attached to the card is an Philips 37PFL7603D LCD via DVI/HDMI.
With the free nv driver everything is fine (except hardware acceleration )but with glx 96, everything that should be white is yellow, and all other colors are weird, too. It seems like there is a whole color channel (blue?) missing. The cable is fine. The LCD is fine, too. The same system with an old crt attached via VGA is running smooth as expected, too.
Any Ideas?

You can take a look in my bug report log file here:

Since the moment when the "brown" boot splash comes up, the colors are wrong. The brown shadows appear blue and with artifacts.

I am helpless, I have even tried nouveau driver.. but never got it to produce ANY pictures
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