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Default Re: Post pics of your home theater audio setups!

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I'm looking for volume though. 110w will be under whelming for my speakers. I was pumping 260 to them (the Curtis Mathis) and they were still under-powered.

Can you recommend a good, high-power amp then?

Oh, and how is that Pyle garbage? Frequency response is right on target, ohm and wattage is great... poor build quality?
Do you know what the efficiency of your speakers are? Sounds like they need a lot of power. One thing to remember is to gain 3 decibels (3db is just noticeable to the human ear as an increase in volume) you need to double your amplifier power. So there is the same difference between a 1watt amp and a 2watt amp or a 1000watt amp and a 2000watt amp, 3db. What is more important (for better sound) is current. Think of two 100 gallon drums suspended in the air, one has a 1 inch hose at the bottom the other has a 2 inch hose. They both have the same "wattage" (water pressure) but the one with the 2 inch hose has twice as much "current" (water flow). An amplifiers ability to deliver a lot of current has a great affect on sound quality, especially if the speakers are hard to drive, like a 4Ohm or lower load.

I have a pair of Electrostatic speakers, they are rated at 8Ohms, well that is very misleading because at the high frequencies the impedance drops to 1.5Ohms!!! If you put a 500 watt amp with low current on these they will sound extremely bright and have little bass. If you power them with a very high current 50 watt amplifier they will sound great.

Pyle is not know for hi quality anything, they are know for cheap poorly built electronics and speakers. I would say yes, the build quality and parts quality are not so hot. I really suspect the power ratings on that amp. There are a few tricks manufactures use to make it seem like the amp is putting out more power than it actually is in the real world. One way is by measuring one channel at one frequency. By doing that the amp is only amplifying one frequency and one channel and can output far more power than it would if you were playing music or a movie track.

One thing you may be able to do with the Marantz is bi-amp the front speakers. That usually takes the surround back channels and assigns them as front channels. So your "front channel" amp will power your tweeters and midrange drivers and the "surround back" will drive the woofers. This can only be done if your speakers have two sets of binding posts (where the speaker wire connects to the speakers) on them. That will really help drive your speakers.

As far as recommendations go.Take a look at Rotel electronics. They make some very high quality home audio electronics without super high prices. Maybe even a used one like a RB-1090 or RB-1080.

Hope this helps.
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