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Default RH8.0 boot problem

My RH8.0 stopped going through the boot up process. it stops while checking for new hardware process.

It would not go any further. what I did the night before was I added this line to the /etc/fstab file

/dev/hdb3 /mnt/data auto <similar to floppy setting>

the hdb3 is a 600MB partition that I created as VFAT. this is where I put all the files that I want to access from WinXP. well I just want to be able to mount it instead of just root. So that's why I added that line in the fstab. well now it will not boot and stopped at checking new if I press <Ctrl><Alt>Del> it will detect the kill signal and then go through the shutdown process. Anyone knows how I could boot up and remove the line in the fstab? or anyway I could fix this problem? thx
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