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Default Parallax Occlusion Mapping WITH Anisotropic Filtering MOD

At last, the mod that most of us have been waiting for is here. You can finally enable both POM and AF

I had a look inside the POMs shader and came across a high-quality texture lookup, that works with AF. Sadly, enabling it didn't work as the function is broken. So with a few tweaks I managed to get it working. The shader hasn't been fully tested (the tests that I did do were done using the brick texture in the screenshots below, I have yet to test it's effect on terrain.

It's worth noting that, unless the bump map texture and diffuse texture slots have anisotropy set as a filter, this won't work (same as anisotropy for regular textures). The normal map slots filer has no effect, it must be the bump map slot.

There are still a few issues with POM, such as low step count making the POM look somewhat odd at a distance depending on which texture and depth being used. I believe a higher step count might fix this, however there will be a significant performance drop depending on how this is done.

Comparison Shots:


With AF
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