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Default Re: VDPAU 9400GT MPEG2 artifacts

I'm running MythTv on a M2N-VM with an Asus 9400GT and get blocking during playback of any 1080i HDTV(OTA) recordings. Using the High Quality software playback profile all is well.

I did find this information on another post but haven't tried it yet:

"Just so people reading this know, the recent mythtv trunk has added an experimental filter option that let's you change the default buffers for vdpau. You can now add vdpaubuffersize=X to the filters section of the video display profile without having to edit the source and recompile. The default (as mentioned below) is 6, but setting to 32 seems to make most clips work fine with me"

One thing that I was wondering about is the increased power usage by the graphics card could be too much for my current power supply (it's only 300Watts) - it's a long shot but if the video RAM is not getting enough current...
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