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Default amd64 and 195.22 driver

I have 2 systems with different PCI-e nvidia graphics cards, both running updated versions
of FreeBSD 8.0 Release AMD64 .

system 1: Video card is PCIe , nvidia0: <GeForce 8400 GS> on vgapci0
Everything works great, stable as a rock. Quad core cpu, 4GB DDR2 .

system 2: Video card is PCIe, GeForce 210
Seems to run X with no problem, however when I startkde (KDE4) the system
will either panic within 1 to 2 minutes, or it will panic when I exit KDE4. Both
panics force a reboot. Dual core cpu, 2GB DDR2.

Both systems use gpt and boot directly to ZFS.

The 2nd system seems to run Xorg just fine, I can email, browse, run apps just fine. It
seems to panic only when I start KDE4. Perhaps it is a combination of high memory
usage caused by the combination of 64bit OS, ZFS, and Nvidia driver ? I will have to
buy more memory to test this, and I haven't done so as yet.
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