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Cool nForce 430 w/no sound in Ubuntu

Had Ubuntu 9.04 and everything worked awesome.

Set up a dual boot Win XP (2003) & Ubuntu 9.04.
Loaded XP first then Ubuntu
Had to load Nvidia Drivers to get access to Internet & Sound in XP
No sound in Ubuntu, Internet connection works fine
Tried to follow the steps at:

down until the "Manual Installation" heading, but could not get it working at any point. I have restored everything back to default. (I think)
What can I do from here?

Here is information about my system:
nvidia-bug-report - see attached
ALSA Information Script -

I only wanted to set up the Dual Boot so I could use a handful of programs that Wine could not handle and that did not work well in 'Virtual Box'. Now Ubuntu is screwed up. I know it will work, but so far I don't have the expertise I need.

I hate using XP.

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