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Default working with a bad EDID

I have a monitor (Sony GDM-FW900) that produces a bad EDID. Ubuntu sees its max as 800x600@60hz and Windows 7 sees the max as 1600x1200@85hz (this is with the latest drivers for my Geforce 9800GT). Windows XP had no problem forcing it to 1920x1200@85hz (and higher, but that's where I like it), but it doesn't seem to work in 7.

Using the NVIDIA Control Panel, I go to 'change resolution' and click 'add resolutions...'. From there I add 1920x1200@85hz, select it from the list, and click 'apply'. Nothing changes, or even flickers, and I get the confirmation "Your desktop configuration has been changed, etc etc" but it hasn't.

Has anyone had this problem?
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