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Default Re: Should Nvidia add Eyefinity to their Fermi boards?

Originally Posted by jimmyjames123 View Post
Did you even bother to read what DarthBeavis wrote? Here it is again, in response to someone who heard a "rumor" that NVIDIA was basically pulling out of the gaming market:

This is a very simple comment--not dissing ATI at all, no comments about price/performance, no comments about performance crown, no comments about GPU market strategy--and yet you go on a rant to say that he is "overconfident"? Overconfident in what, the fact that NVIDIA is most certainly not abandoning the gaming market? Are you kidding me?

If anything, you are the one (along with AMD/ATI R7xx/R8xx owners MustangSVT, Xion X2, Viral, etc) who is spreading FUD about NVIDIA's future architecture vs current and future ATI/AMD architecture, even though you and almost no one else here knows anything concrete about the future architectures. Seems silly.

I suppose we should drink the Kool-Aid and believe that the game is over before it even begins?

There are some positives and negatives to both NVIDIA's [ongoing] strategy and ATI/AMD's [most recent] strategy. You can't write off NVIDIA's strategy purely based on one generation of cards (ie. GT200-based). NVIDIA has succeeded numerous times with their strategy (NV40, G80, etc), so what is preventing them from doing so in the future? Let's face it, when NVIDIA came out with GT200, they were caught off guard with ATI/AMD's strategy for R700. NVIDIA surely hasn't been caught off guard this time.

I don't see the big reason for all the fuss. NVIDIA is making a much bigger architectural leap from GT200 to G100 than ATI/AMD is making from R700 to R800. So what if they are a few months later in comparison? That is just one way to spin it. In one years time, whenever ATI/AMD comes out with a new architecture, one can argue that NVIDIA beat ATI/AMD to the punch to a radically new architecture, and then NVIDIA's refresh will be waiting in the wings soon after ATI/AMD releases a radically new architecture. This is the nature of the GPU design cycle.
Well, seems like I hit a nerve.

Problem is nVidia doesn't have to compete with the 5800s- it's the 6800s from ATi they really have to worry about.

Think about it- odds are the 5970 will be the fastest card for some time. The GTX380 mostly likely will be the fastest single-GPU card, but the 5970 will still be on top. And unless nVidia has found some magic way to produce such a large chip while having it consume very little amounts of power- it might be technically impossible for them to do a dual GPU chip to compete with the 5970. Thus meaning they'll have to wait for their refresh to completely retake the performance crown.

By the time nVidia's refresh comes out, ATi will be gearing up to release their Radeon HD6800 series- which will more than likely floor the GTX3xx refresh.

Granted, this is all pure speculation- but with how late to the game nVidia is (expected march release, Feb at the earliest- between 4-6 months behind ATi) the time line adds up to what I've said.

Have I once claimed this to be the end of nVidia? No- not once. But I have said that they face a tough fight ahead being this far behind. Now with Intel withdrawing Larabee from the consumer market- that takes a lot of pressure off of both companies. However, nVidia has to play catch up now. Of course if Ati was able to catch up with how far behind they were and how little $$$ they had- nVidia can and will as well. I just don't think it's gonna' happen over night as ya'll seem to believe it will (including Darth Beavis).

I've also never said that the GT300 will be a bad chip- I'm fully expecting it to be a stellar performer with lots of awesome and new features. However, they better be including the cure to aids for the price they'll have to sell the cards for- considering how large it is, how power hungry it is (all based off of currently available specs, mind you). There's just no way they can release it at as low a price point as AMD can with their cards... that'd be selling it at a loss.

Then again, the currently released specs could be way off and the GT300 might be a more economical card than the 5800s. That'd be frikken awesome and I'd love it. Competition is what drives the market and innovation, after all.

Originally Posted by jimmyjames123 View Post
NVIDIA "Scalable Visualization Solutions":

Previously unveiled on the Quadro line:
Nice. Now, how about something targeting gamers and your average, everyday computer user? Oh, and something that wont cost an arm and a leg as well as your first born son.
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