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Default Re: Need help with personal website - URL doesn't update in Firefox

Originally Posted by MustangSVT View Post
Hi all. I need a bit of help with setting up a website. I am currently using IIS 7 to host a website coded in ASP.NET. The website works and the pages work, however I have one problem that's very annoying. When I navigate the web site, the URL in my web browser (Firefox) does not update correctly. I've tried Internet Explorer and the same thing happens.

Here's a description of what's happening.

I type in Firefox my website (, hit enter and it shows up. Now when I click a link or button on my website that navigates me to another page (i.e., I see the page correctly on the screen, but the URL in firefox at the top says "". No matter how much I navigate through the website, the URL in firefox never changes. So basically my website is for whatever reason not updating/sending the information correctly to the web browser.

Note that I've tried using Apache and IIS 7 and with same result. I should also note I am using for DNS, so maybe that's what's causing it?
That's typically what happens when you use a re-direct. Are you hosting it on your machine or a dedicated server? Also, are you using a re-direct service (e.g. a service that you put and it re-directs to your IP) ?
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