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Default Re: Should Nvidia add Eyefinity to their Fermi boards?

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
TH2G works very well for games. It is/was the number one choice for many racing simmers over the last couple of years.
The big advantage is that you can hock up every card, even multi-gpu setups, without special profiles. Eyefinity needs special Crossfire profiles to work well.

There's even a freeware software solution, SoftTH. Probably the most flexible of all.
Eyefinity probably has the best marketing, feature and flexibility wise it's not there yet.
Could not have said it better myself. The advantage of TH2G is because you're tricking Windows into thinking it's got 1 monitor, it works with ATI, nVIDIA, SLI and CF.

The reason I'm not a huge fan of EyeFinity myself is because I would have expected their solution to be as flexible as SoftTH which is FREE, but it's not even close to being as flexible.
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