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Default Re: Post pics of your home theater audio setups!

This is a photo of one of the speakers in my 2nd two channel system. They are one of a kind (built by my friend) speaker system, based on a speaker built by Moth Audio in California called the Cicada. They are a single driver high efficiency speaker. One driver handles all frequencies and there is no crossover. These kinds of speakers are admired by a small group of audiophiles who usually are into single ended triode tube amps with small output power, usually around 3 watts or so. The deal with speakers like this is, they are very efficient, no crossover to get in the way, and no phase problems between drivers.

I use a Quicksilver Audio Linestage tube preamp and a completely rebuilt Dynaco Stereo 70 tube amp (about 25 watts per channel) CD player is a Adcom GCD-750, Turntable is a Linn Axis with a Grado gold cartage fed into a Grado PH-1 phono preamp. Audioquest cables and a Panamax AC line conditioner.

Good things about them are... Very fast and open sounding, highly detailed, good imaging and soundstage. Need little power to play at high volume.

Bad things are... lacking in deep bass and extreme treble, don't play very loud and lacking in big dynamics.

If you have ever listened to a pair of electrostatic speakers that is the closest sound to them. Most people laugh when they see them or read about them but everyone who listens to them really are impressed, at least among my friends.

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