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Default Re: Should Nvidia add Eyefinity to their Fermi boards?

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
Cool, they are announcing more of what I saw:
Think of the GPU as more than just a GPU That is the key to Nvidia's differentiation which will impact the gaming market and other markets. Look at their Telsa product. They already have the expertise. Then look up their other technologies like CUDA and the power of the Quadro (like you guys have already discussed). What functionality and features would YOU actually take advantage of day-to-day? Six monitors? I doubt it. what I have seen is more a process of connecting the dots.

One thing to watch is the 3d fight since AMD has announced they are entering into it. I hope it does not turn into a Blue Ray vs HD DVD war.
ATI has the same flash capability. Guys are running it now on the 5xxx series.

The GPU computing obviously has potential, but again, I look at that as more for workstation use. How does/will it benefit gaming in the future?

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