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Default Re: proglems with G105M

Originally Posted by blazercist View Post
I have the G105M and using the 190.42 driver, all is well and I had no need to edit my xorg.conf file, everything worked out of the box.

My problems:

1. I too have the internet connection (WLAN) dropping out frequently
2. I have no way to adjust brightness, no device exists in /proc/acpi/video or /sys/class/ I tried searching for brightness, max_brightness, max*brightness, video* and I cannot find any device on my system to adjust brightness. I need to lower it because it kills my battery. -P.S. the Fn+Brightness keys are not recognized (no keycode/scancode).

HP dm3t laptop with 1.3Ghz C2D, G105M.

This may be a bit off topic, but I was interested in the HP dm3t with the P9300 and the NVIDIA G 105M (4GB DDR3 and the 160GB SSD).

So did you get your multimedia keys working (the function keys)? Also, how is the G 105M as far as performance with Linux compositing like xfwm4 or compiz, or with video playback using mplayer(vdpau) or vlc? And how bad is the wlan?

Any info would be helpful because I'm trying to decide between the HP with the specs above, or the Dell Studio XPS 13 with the P9600 - 4GB RAM DDR3 - G 210M - 128GB SSD - 1520 802.11n (I know about the heat vent but don't think it's that big of a problem)
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