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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Any of you guys still playing? ... Whats it like now? Ive heard its supposed to be alot more polished with almost zero bugs & a hell of a load of content.

I used to love the game, Just was alittle too buggy for me.

Really thinking about giving it s re-install especially with a new expantion pack due out.
Read post above! I am still playing.

If you were a previous sub, you get incentives and some free play time to re-evaluate I believe.

For me, I am die hard AoC it seems. I am leveling a new toon with the double XP potion available for veteran subs. Makes it more fun and less arduous! I leveled my necro from 12 to 52 last week and intend to get him to 80! Necros are fun! Perhaps its also because I have leveled 3 other lvl 80s before

For me, the game has always been stable. No issues, there are still some class balance issues but, which MMO doesn't struggle with that (Demos are still OP) whereas, some classes are still gimped (barbs and DTs i believe).

However, in terms of content there have additions of 3 new 6 man dungeons (Iron Tower, Xibakalu and Crow's nest). Two new areas in Tarantia Commons (level 70-75) and Yimir's Pass (level 55-60).

In terms of end game content, T3 raids are coming up next with I believe also House of crom (maybe 6 man?) in patch 1.6. The loot rot problem will somewhat be alleviated with a token system. I do not know, my barb is still, gimped in tier gear. I have 1 T2 item, 3 t1 and the rest cultural! Hopefully the token system will allow me to get more tiered gear.

The guild structure is getting some minor boost with a renown system which may give siege buffs etc. I do not know...well I haven't read into that yet.

Bottom line...try it again (as it maybe free), just be ready to download over 1 Gb in patches from retail version!
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