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Default Re: Should Nvidia add Eyefinity to their Fermi boards?

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
Physx is one way it benefits gaming now. I can imagine it will only get better. I am sure most of us use our computers for most than just gaming so the ability to allow the GPU to carry some of the processing load means you can handle way more threads at one time (developers will have to do the work to make this happen of course). Think about video encoding or 3d model rendering (or designing such as in Solidworks or even Google Sketchup). I do these things on my 'gaming' rig. I hope AMD pushes Nvidia in all areas so Nvidia keeps up R & D and vise versa. As has been stated over and over: We all benefit from their competition.
Now.. 3D Modeling is something that does get my attention. I have a renderbox for that, though. I don't do that kind of stuff on my gaming rig, but I can see that some might. I tend to split my PCs up between workstation/gaming because my gaming rigs are usually so hardcore (watercooled, OC'd, and dual grafx.) Even so, like you said, software must be written for it, and I've seen almost nothing written for GPU computing that's of any use for your average consumer thus far except for Photoshop. And that already flies on my i7 as is.

PhysX? Meh. It has such a small library of titles that actually use it, and those that do usually only do in very small ways. As long as it's vendor-specific, it'll never catch on with the large market of developers. Especially if ATI remains as competitive in the graphics industry as they have been lately.

Just for the record - I obviously agree that competition is a good thing. It isn't an ATI/Nvidia thing with me as I've owned both vendors. I just don't see what all the hype with Fermi is about thus far and see it more as a damage control tactic for Nvidia since they're late to the game this round.

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