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Originally posted by mongoose
I'd like to compare the file from Nvidia's site to the one from Visiontek. Too bad they come as packed as an .exe rather than a zipfile.
You can do a comparison of the files with the .exe from NVIDIA. If you have Winzip installed on your system, you can right-click on the .exe file and use Winzip's option "extract to folder" and it will unpack all the driver files into a folder for you to look at. I do this myself to look at the nv4_disp.inf files to see if NVIDIA changed its refresh Modes_delta in a particular release.

You also mentioned you used Windows Update to get drivers. Is there anything in your add/remove programs towards the bottom that says something like "Windows XP Hotfix" that corresponds to the installation of those drivers?

When I installed XP SP1, it also installed a different driver on my system (version 29.80 or something), but installing version 40.52 over that hasn't caused me any grief so far.
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