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Default Re: Crash with 195.22

Originally Posted by mlobo View Post
I had an instability problem too.

AMD phenon 955 / FBSD 8-STABLE amd64
Nvidia 9800 GT

Even if I had powerd disabled, the system was still randomly unstable but
I wanted to keep powerd running to keep the CPU cool so I started to dig.

I noticed I had those 3 lines from sysctl:

-dev.cpu.0.freq_levels: 3200/28215 2800/24688 2500/18625 2187/16296 2100/12650
1837/11068 1575/9487 1312/7906
-dev.acpi_throttle.0.freq_settings: 10000/-1 8750/-1 7500/-1 6250/-1 5000/-1
3750/-1 2500/-1 1250/-1
-dev.hwpstate.0.freq_settings: 3200/28215 2500/18625 2100/12650 800/5070

with debug.cpufreq.lowest=1312 in sysctl.conf

The acpi_throttle list seemed weird because it only had weird frequencies.

I wanted to know which frequencies powerd uses. I got a hint from on how to disable acpi_throttle (and overall power savers) and get it out of the way of powerd, so I added to loader.conf:


Then this showed up:

dev.cpu.0.freq_levels: 3200/28215 2500/18625 2100/12650
dev.hwpstate.0.freq_settings: 3200/28215 2500/18625 2100/12650 800/5070

So I found where powerd (dev.cpu.0) gets its frequency list from! a much more uniform list, so I set debug.cpufreq.lowest=800. Now it shows

dev.cpu.0.freq_levels: 3200/28215 2500/18625 2100/12650 800/5070
dev.hwpstate.0.freq_settings: 3200/28215 2500/18625 2100/12650 800/5070

800 is really low, so, so far I haven't seen the system drop to that but right now, the machine has been on for an hour (KDE4 w/OpenGL composite, e-mail, downloads, 2 VMs) and...

dev.cpu.0.temperature: 45.0C
dev.cpu.1.temperature: 45.0C
dev.cpu.2.temperature: 45.0C
dev.cpu.3.temperature: 45.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.%desc: AMD K8 Thermal Sensors
dev.amdtemp.0.%driver: amdtemp
dev.amdtemp.0.%parent: hostb4

Which is pretty cool for this CPU type. Plus, the lock-ups (openGL+VBox) are gone !
I still have to do the final test, which is to run a VM with 3D acceleration enabled.
This one always froze the machine, no matter what!

I have exactly the same cpu with a ASUS M4a78T-E Board, and run in the same problem,
you need to be make a Bios update that solve the powerd problem. See also here

- Martin
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