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Default newer nvidia drivers very unstable on gtx260m

After a while, regardless of desktop effects/other things going on X will crash. The system is stable with the "nv" driver.

// the instabilities seem random, I had it up for about 2 and a half hours once, but normally it goes down within 10-15 minutes. It does not seem related to system load/heat at all.

I've tried gentoo (~amd64, unstable tree, kernel 2.6.33-rc1 and xorg 1.7.3) and ubuntu (+ kubuntu) stable.

I've tried multiple drivers, the stable ubuntu one, and from the vdpau ppa overlay (latest 190 and 195 including 195.30 recently released) and they all have the exact same problem.

Update : 173 driver seems to be stable, both with "UseEvents" on and off. I've used it for about a day now and it seems solid, slow, but solid. Attached working nvidia-bug-report as well.

Update 2: Testing 32bit+-PAE in post #14.
- Computer is "stable" with 32bit with or without a pae kernel, so this is 64bit related. I use "stable" because I get nvrm problems instead on 32bit. Could be the same problem that crashes in 64bit and causes nvrm in 32bit? Workaround in post #58 works on 64bit.

Fixed in 256.29, for AC power, still breaks on battery.

I've got a alienware m15x with a gtx260m display adapter.

There's a apport automatic bug report here :
And both kubuntu and gentoo nvidia-bug-report's attached.
//edit, adding 180.60 and 190.53 bugreports on gentoo, both drivers crash the same way as the newer drivers.

In post #58 :

This is the same problem as in, but it contained information as I was testing and the topic is misleading.
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