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Default Looks good so far

Initial feedback of 40.71 on WinXP w/GeForce4Ti4600:

Looks good

The new drivers seem to have fixed the flickering for me so far. It was worst in AC2 beta, so I'm going to try that next.

3DMark score is a bit higher, nothing significant.

For some reason, the image quality seems better to me than any of the previous drivers, and not just a little bit better. I first noticed it in the Dragothic scene of 3DMark, but was totally blown away in the Nature scene. My ansio is still set to 1x, and my mipmap is still on 'best quality', so I'm not sure what would cause it. Could be just too much caffiene today

If anyone else notices a major leap in image quality, let me know. I'm hoping it's the new driver, and not my eyes or brain
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