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Default Re: TV recommendation.

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
The price at Newegg link you posted is $879.99
880.00 USD = 922.618 CAD This is official Official Currency exchange as of today. Your exchange is not going to be close to it, specially if you pay with CC .

There is not going to be free shipping to Canada, I estimate the shipping would be about $100.

The TV could also be subject to custom fee about 5%. The warranty might not be covered in Canada, if something goes wrong you might have to send it back to States.

The SOURCE with 5 locations in Vancouver has the same SONY BRAVIA KDL40V5100 40 for 999.99 CAD
Future Shop also with some locations in Vancouver has it also listed for 999.99 CAD
Maybe you can make a better deal with some other smaller store locally plus you can have the TV for Christmas or maybe wait for Boxing Day Sale if lucky.

Thanks for that. We are gonna wait till boxing day probably, although I doubt they will have anything substantial on higher quality TVs.
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