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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by MUYA View Post
The loot rot problem will somewhat be alleviated with a token system
The token system is great, LOTRO implemented it some time ago with The Rift dungeon, and now Mirkwood has changed it into a much better system imho. With token system, when you were in a 6 men instance, the boss dropped a token that could be exchanged for a piece of armor, so we just rolled the token and the person who got it could get the armor piece for his class.

Now with Mirkwood expansion token system has turned into a coin system: in 3 men and 6 men dungeons every player will get a coin from every boss (if the dungeon has 3 bosses, everybody gets 3 coins). And the armor pieces require a number of coins (some 15 coins, some 20 coins). There are three instances for 3 men and one for 6 men (that one gives more coins). You also get more coins per player if you do the instance in "hard mode".

Once you have got the full armor set, you can still barter coins for other goods (like weapon xp or spells for upgrading weapons), so there is always a reason to keep going to the instances.

It's very recommendable to have the full armor set from those dungeons to enter the 12 men raid that gives you the best armor set in the game.
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