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Default Dual monitor support with Linux

Hi, I'm pretty new to Linux so please be gentle. I have my drivers installed and they seem to be working great. I get the Nvidia screen when Xwindows is loading, video is smoking fast (seems faster than it does in Windows too).

Problem is that I have a dual monitor setup and Linux does not seem to detect the two monitors as it does in Windows. There doesn't seem to be a Nvidia control center, or software to install that would act as a control center. So how does a person utilize dual monitors?

My video card is an Asus FX5200 V9520/TD and the two monitors are a Dell P991 19" trinitron and a 17" Samsung 753DF. The 19" is the primary display and is outputed from the normal analog output and the 17" is connected via the digital output with the provided analog adapter.

I sure hope you guys can help me out. I got the second monitor to help my productivity when doing my Cad design etc. Hope to hear something.

BTW I am using RedHat 9.0 and the accompanying Xwindows version.

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