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Default Re: Windows vs Linux

These threads are dumb because most Linux users dual boot with windows and are not HARDLINE Pro-Linux, but rather, utilize both for their strengths. Everyone knows that Windows is great for proprietary software and how most of the **** on the market is designed for it [Windows] due to its inherent popularity. However, once you learn the terminal, you find the idea of DOS to be rather mundane and archaic, especially since it has all but been phased out of Windows. I find the strengths of Linux to be how powerful the user is, the options to change and integrate almost everything, and the fact that it isn't super simplified for the lowest common denominator; see: Windows 7. The fact that Windows is becoming ever closer to OSX should have all the MS fanboys up in arms, but partisan hatred seems to be persistent, and when Microsoft and Apple are pushing out $200 USD operating systems that are exactly the same save for naming schemes, those of us who have mastered and love the world of Linux will be laughing from the sidelines. Fedora, FreeBSD, OpenSUSE, Redhat, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, LinuxMint, and other distributions offer the type of versatility you just can not find in Windows, so save the "but my $8219 COMPUTER WORKS BESTEST ON WINDOWS 7 BRAH 3182 FPS BRAH", and I will use my 3 year old laptop and Ubuntu to show you that you are just bad at video games.
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