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Default Re: VDPAU error with "A Christmas Story"

Here is an update...

For the life of my I cannot get xserver to start and enable more verbose logging. When I try to startx all I get is a gray screen with the "X" cursor in the center. I tried setting up a .xinitrc in ~/ but that didn't work either.

I can still run the bug report with default logging if you'd like.

The DVD's UPC code is 12569 57642. Region code is 1.

The audio track is whatever starts up when the disk begins to play. In Mythtv you don't see anything at all... it just dumps back to the menu screen with the error message stated earlier.

Running with xine is a different story. Immediately when the disk starts you get green/blocky corruption then after a second it goes to the Warner Brothers logo screen and the disk will continue to work. Whatever error is seen is in the first few seconds of the intro.

I'll run a bug report in a little while...
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