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Default Re: Windows vs Linux

I don't use windows and haven't used it since 2003 or 2004.
For me, it really feels like Linux is a superior platform for some reason. Everything works in a more logical way on Linux. Plus GNU tools are really a blessing. It's like there's a tool for everything your mind can image. A lot of times, I think "hey, why didn't windows XP have something like grep?" or "how did I survive on windows without grep or sed".
People say windows is easier. But to be honest, if you use the right distribution instead of distributions that over-patch like Ubuntu (no offence to Ubuntu, I really respect how they are pulling people to try Linux), you'll find that Linux can be much easier to use and maintain for the normal home/desktop user and it's not so intimidating as people think. The only catch is that Linux expects you to be computer literate and know what a display card is, etc.. which isn't so difficult.

Note: I'm not flaming windows. For some people windows may suffice so it is perfectly good. It just happened not to fit my requirements.
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