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Default my rig at 2560x1600

So I purchased a 3008wfp this morning, I should be getting it tomorrow.

Anyhoo, i'm sold on the monitor now i'm wondering if my rig will be up to spec when it comes to gaming at 2560x1600 and if not what should I be looking at as my upgrade path.
Wait for Fermi to be released and get two of those (selling my 285's of course), or pickup dual 5870's in xfire?

I don't have a PSU strong enough for tri sli so I believe adding a third 285 is out of the question and purchasing a psu + 3rd 285 would more than likely be around the same price as two new gpu's.

So to sum it up, what should I be looking at to make my hd gaming more enjoyable?

I play a bit of everything but mainly shooters.
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