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Default nvidia ti4200 on linux 2.6.0-test6 kernel

I was love-starved for two years by no gui in linux, due to nvidia driver not working with latest kernels. Tired of working in textmode on linux pc's, running to a win pc for email and browsing, I ran into this site which explains how to compile nvidia drivers for the absolute latest kernel version, which is all I use because it makes other hardware work.

see next message for detail on how I used that stuff

Now I'm running 24-bit color in X, 2048x2048 and having a round-the-clock orgy of downloading and configuring gorgeous graphical apps like Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird for browsing and email, mplayer, realplay8 with 9(One) codecs, got my ctwm Claude's Tabbed Window Manager with linux power user way-beyond-windows features like F9 key kills popups, eight ctwm virtual workspaces each 2048x2048 on 1024x768 monitor, windows autorise-on-mouseover after 800 msec delay(in case I'm just passing through), gnome bar along top with weather and stock ticker(other gnome bar iconized to disappear), ctwm's icon manager.

I've got a window in the side of my box, and twelve LED white lights, so I can look down and see my nvidia card with Zalman heat sink. Two 120cm fans, one in one out, the input fan cools the Zalman sinks with no extra fan. CPU never gets over 50c according to acpi tools, which I call after kernel compiles in scripts and after bonnie and other thrashes just to see how well one 120cm fan and Zalman copper fin cpu cooler works. Normal 39-41c, peak 49c temp.

Download that.

see next message for detail that might help you with
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