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Default nforce2 mboards first upgrade your bios

Before you compile nvidia drivers, you need to get rid of kernel error messages and crashing which may be happening. I spent a week with the linux kernel mailing list talking about different error messages, and then found that a bios upgrade fixed most problems. There is no kernel bug really.

I have an MSI board with nforce2 chip and 6-channel audio(no audio or usb working yet).

Definitely do a bios upgrade which you can locate through your motherboard manufacturer's site.

After bios update, then you can compile kernel 2.6.0-test6 or above with kernel options acpi, apic, local apic on, apm off, anticipatory scheduling on, deadline scheduling off. Don't put usb or audio into your first kernel, not until you get into X on nvidia.

If you did not upgrade your bios, you might not boot, you might have hard drive crashes, you might crash. Nobody needs to hear about that detail until you upgrade bios to get acpi id's into bios, fixing a lot. You might even get audio and usb working on nforce2 motherboards if you upgrade bios.
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