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Default Re: Where are the GeForce GT 240 Linux drivers?

Originally Posted by mr_helamonster View Post
I found another thread that mentioned the WAIT error in the Xorg log:
gimpel mentioned that a motherboard BIOS updated solved the problem for him.
I tried the same, and it worked!
And do you see the 3 performance levels of Powermizer with nvidia-settings?
Can you use the 1.7GHz mode? i.e. what happens when you run glxgears and ...

nvidia-settings -q all | grep GPUCurrentClockFreqs
In my GT240/GDDR5, it always reports...

Attribute 'GPUCurrentClockFreqs' (home:0.0): 405,324.
...when in fact, under Windows, the card runs at "550,1700", i.e. with a memory bandwidth 5.25 times faster!

It appears that with the current drivers (195.30 and 190.53), performace level 3 is disabled in GT240/GDDR5, and the result is abysmal performance in almost everything: glxgears scores around 4000 fps (!), and CUDA code runs between 10% - 30% of the corresponding speed under Windows (depending on how much the algorithm depends on memory accesses).

This is basically making the card slower than 30$ cheap NVIDIA models...

Please fix this, NVIDIA.
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