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Default Re: Windows vs Linux

I program and pull MacGyver's on Linux, and game on Windows.

Realistically the only thing on Windows I do is game. Why? Because the games I like are supported on it.

Linux for me has been much easier to deal with as it's much more straightforward (ie edit some configuration file or some specific tool) whereas on Windows I've always had to jump through hoops to get stuff to work.

You don't get viruses on Windows unless you actively use warez or download programs all the time, and you don't have a hard time on Linux unless you're a CLI junkie. Realistically nowadays it's easy to do stuff on Linux (and some people may have no choice with crappy desktops) so that's the way I'd go, but of course I can't not game.

People who were brought up on Mac like Macs, people who were brought up on Windows like Windows, people who were brought up on BSD like BSD, and people who were brought up on Linux like Linux. That's the way it is. They'll always bash each other (Yes, BSD users do sometimes bash Linux, and vice versa) and that's just how it is.

I'd never program on Windows and ATM (As in current conditions) I'd never game on Linux.
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