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Default Re: What's the difference between the GTX 260 and the GTX 285?

I was not being a ass. I a simple question. And I did finally see a difference. Like in Mirror's Edge.

I was running a GTX 260 216 card. I was getting 3 frames a sec in this one scene. I had to shut off PhysX in the game. Now I changed out the 260 and replaced it with a GTX 285 SSC. The game runs sweet and that scene does not affect my game play. I have all the settings set to the highest and PhysX on. And getting 50 frames in that scene.

But from what you guys are saying it being cpu limited. I would not of saw a increase.

Now Ii tried GTA IV and with the GTX 260 I was getting 17 frames with the setting set to the highest it would allow me. Ever since I put the GTX 285 in GTA IV with settings very high and 4X even I get 30 frames.

I did finally see a increase in some games. And the cpu didn't stop the increase.

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
Ask for help and then be a bit of an ass about it, nice.

I'm not going to answer because everyone else answered it 10x already. It's you who refuses to listen. Why don't you put a 5870 in there and get another 3 FPS while you're at it?
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