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Default Re: Do You LIke Or Use Ubuntu? - Read This!

I stopped using Ubuntu after trying FC10. The whole environment was much more stable and didn't suffer from "update breakage" the way Ubuntu did for me.

That said, I haven't used it for about 2 months due to a rock solid Win 7 install, but when I did game on Linux everything I ran that had native ports ran comparably to it's windows counterpart, mainly ogl and source titles.

Security wise, I'm not and never will be sold on either OS's security out of the box, but most 'nix distros I've read up on do get vulnerabilities patched faster than MS does.

FYI - I'm not a programmer, just an enthusiast who likes to learn and one thing Linux is great for is learning a pc inside and out. Not using any specialized apps probably saves me a good deal of heart ache that others deal with.

It's nice being able to use both with a reasonable level of comfort.
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