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Default Corrupted desktop in Kubuntu 9.10 with asus laptop with 9650m gt

Hi to all,
today I've tried to install the 9.10 version of kubuntu on my laptop (asus pro5av with 9650m gt with 1gb video ram) and after some minutes of use, the desktop got corrupted and sometimes the X server is automatically restarted. This happens both with the distro 185 driver and with the 190 and 195 downloaded from the vdpau ppa server. The only driver which works is the 173 (I've tested only the ones downloadable from the distro repos).
Is the issue already known? Is there something I can do to improve the stability?
The issue is present only under X. When the issue happens I often can switch to tty and it works perfectly (sometimes howevere the system is hang and it responses only to magic sysR).
Thank you,
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