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Out of curiosity, I briefly checked all material to be found at

Seems like you are right that the beamer takes four 2048x1080 DVI signals
and combines it to a 4096x2160 picture. I feared that it might be necessary
that the input signals need to synchronized which might be tricky to archive
amongst two separate cards, but it seems there are no such restrictions.

So my understanding is that you effectively just need to create an xorg.conf
for a dual GPU, four LCD setup with xinerama. However, I couldn't easily find
any information if those LKRI 005 input cards supply a proper EDID via I2C
(in order for the X-Server to autodetect the resolution and calculate the
proper display timing), so it might be necessary to manually add a
modeline or fake an EDID.

However, please note that a dual GPU xinerama solution has a number of
restrictions and known bugs. But since you have those fairly expensive
FX5800 cards, you might ask nvidia if there is a remote chance to get
SLI Mosaic support for them: this technique works similar to Xinerama,
but splits the display on driver level rather than X-Server level.
SLI Mosaic is actually only available for QuadroPlex systems, but those
devices actually just consist of a bunch of Quadro cards plugged into
a PCIe backplane, connected to the PC through a PCIe bridge card.
So technically, I don't see why SLI Mosaic shouldn't work for Quadro
cards directly plugged into a PC (I guess it's just an marketing issue).


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