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Default vdp_output_surface_get_bits_native

Hi, I am developing an app to decode/render video with VDPAU. While the decoding/rendering work flawlessly, when I call vdp_output_surface_get_bits_native to dump decoded data to a malloc'ed buffer, it crashes. If I enable VDPAU_TRACE and
VDPAU_NVIDIA_DEBUG, it hangs on that function call without printing any information on the console. Here is the line that causes the crash:

vdp_st = pVDPAUCntx->vdp_output_surface_get_bits_native( output_surface, NULL, (void *) pRendererSession->getPicCbackParam->pData, (uint32_t *) pPictureInfo->stride );

prior to calling this, I malloc pRendererSession->getPicCbackParam->pData of videoWidth*videoHeight*4 (the native RGB format for the video surface is VDP_RGBA_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8). I also set pPictureInfo->stride[0], pPictureInfo->stride[1], pPictureInfo->stride[2], pPictureInfo->stride[3] to videoWidth.

Does anybody have any clue why it might causes the crash? I would appreciate if anybody could help.

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