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Default Re: TV recommendation.

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
You need to read some reviews before buying a TV; the specs always lie.

Here's a review of the e77-series from Sharp and as you can see it didn't do too well.

How are your viewing conditions - are you gonna watch it in a light or dark room?

Have you considered getting a plasma(they offer a significantly better black level at a much lower price)?

My recommendation would be either a b640 or better TV from samsung(or v5000< from Sony) for light viewing conditions or a Panasonic G10 or pz80, if you can find one, for watching in the dark.
Thanks for the reply. I am going to be using it in a moderate to dark room, and mainly for watching sports like hockey, tennis, and basketball. I haven't considered plasma because I thought I heard it would not do too well with watching sports.
The living room is kindda small, so a huge TV is not point, but I see the sharp is not as good as I thought.
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