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Originally Posted by bwheaton View Post
The SLI option would probably cover this, but your show stopper without it would be that the four outputs wouldn't be in sync.
I didn't checked in full detail, but the available documentation of the
beamer didn't state that it is required to have the signals in sync.

Originally Posted by bwheaton View Post
Consider two outputs and two Matrox Dual-Head to go cards. That would make one output top left and right, and the other bottom left and right.
Unfortunately, the DH2G/TH2G don't support 2048x1080:
Maximum is 1920x1080 (so you would get 16:9 at 3840x2160 instead of
4k at 4096x2160 - this might be good enough, but that depends on the
application, me thinks).

The DH2G would certainly be the cheaper alternative to QPlex, i.e. I'm running
six 1680x1050 displays with two TH2Gs on a single 260GTX (5040x2100): (post #26)

I guess the DH2G/TH2G hardware would be capable of splitting a 4096x1080
signal into 2x 2048x1080, but Matrox would need to update it's firmware
accordingly. So it seems that the only OOTB and fully supported solution is
the QPlex.


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