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Default Toshiba Sat 1950 screen setup


I have been monitoring your forum for setting
up laptop screen and I could not find anything
about the Toshiba Sat 1950 16-in screen. I just
acquired this machine and I am trying to setup
the screen with not luck. We have installed ReHat
7.3 and have downloaded the latest XFree86 and
NVIDIA files.

My system manager and I have tried many of the
tricks found on your site but we still get a
much smaller display than the 1280x1024 I should
get and we have that "warp-up" problem at the
bottom of the screen (with teh white/black large
bar) already discussed on you site (but most
of the suggestions are for 15-in screen and

If anyone has new options to offer us, it would
be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Dr Beaulieu
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